Western Australia

Stirling Range Scenic Drive

  • Bicycle
  • One way — 42 km
  • 4 hours
  • Medium
  • 4/5
Ouvrir la carte en grand This nice road is good compacted gravel, but has some few lose gravel patches so be careful. Especially on the epic downhills. Three walks on the way: Mt Magog, Talyuberlup and Mt Hassell. Great epic descents, but comes with equally demanding climbs. Not too steep but somehow long. Plenty of camping opportunities, see the park map. Closest town accessible by bus is Mount Barker. It would make a nice 140-150 km loop to cycle from Mount Barker if that is your starting point. Or you can go down to Albany and start the Munda Biddi Trail as well :)

Stirling Ridge Walk (Stirling Range National Park)

  • Bushwalk
  • One way — 20 km
  • 3 days
  • Hard
  • 5/5
The ridge seen from the Eastern summit of Bluff Knoll This is a remote, tough and unmarked route that traverses the Stirling Range Ridge. The route stays high around the 1,000 metres mark, and can be subject to fog, heavy rain and wind, and the very occasional snowfall. Also there is no reliable water on the route, and you are constantly scrambling up and down. If that sounds like the best hiking adventure you can get in Western Australia to you, then please continue reading. If not, maybe you should stick to shorter, easier day hikes like climbing Talyberlup peak. This hike can be done as (...)

Munda Biddi Trail - Track notes

  • Bushwalk
  • One way — 1000 km
  • 30 days
  • Accessible by public transport
  • Hard
  • 3/5
The Munda Biddi Trail is a great bike experience, with easy access to Albany by bus. It does have huts and shelters, and there is plenty of stuff to see along the track. We took two months to ride the trail, but we stopped to hike some parts of the Bibbulmun, wander in the Nuyts wilderness area and also went off-track to Busselton and hike the Cape to Cape! So you can definitely do it in much less, but we took the time and enjoyed the place as much as we could. There’s no hurry to end an adventure after all. I would advise to plan for a month if you plan to stop and do some sightseeing and (...)

Talyuberlup Peak (Stirling Range National Park)

  • Bushwalk
  • Return — 2.4 km
  • 2 hours
  • Hard
  • 4/5
Ouvrir la carte en grand Access: 60 km from Mount Barker (WA). Park your car or pushbike at the Talyuberlup Picnic Area, on the Stirling Range Scenic Drive (nice gravel road, suitable for 2WDs). This popular walk begins with a slight ascent which quickly becomes very steep, as the track ascends straight to the cliff face. At the cliff face the track is lush with vegetation as it follows the base of the cold cliff up to a fallen overhang forming a short tunnel cave where the track goes through. At the cave exit turn right and descend slightly before ascending steeply. At the top follow the (...)

A short walk in the Nullarbor — Mundrabilla Old Well Bushwalk

  • Bushwalk
  • Loop — 2 km
  • 45 minutes
  • Easy
  • 4/5
Crossing Australia along the Eyre Highway and its 1,700 kilometers is sometimes monotonous, and, we have to say it, boring. That’s why we tried to come up with a short walk in order to break the drive (or the bike ride) and enjoy a great view. We couldn’t find any “official” walking track in the Nullarbor so we just had to make this short loop, located at mid-distance between Perth and Adelaide. Access Park your car (or your pushbike!) on a car park situated between the Mundrabilla Roadhouse and the Hearder Hill Rest Area, that’s 25 km east of Mundrabilla RH and 41 km west of (...)