South Australia

40 Great Short Walks

There is a small guide named « 40 Great Short Walks », published by Trails SA, and it has good ideas and is well made. You can get it at the Adelaide Visitor Centre or just download it online: PDF, 10 MB.

Most of the walks in the guidebook are around Adelaide or in the south of SA, but you’ll find some walks around the Flinders Ranges too.

The guidebook is well written, with different kind of walks, most of them are easy to medium, and tracks are well signed and easy to access.

Cycling the Oodnadatta (Leigh Creek to Alice Springs) - track notes

  • Bicycle
  • One way — 1050 km
  • 20 days
  • Accessible by public transport
  • Hard
  • 5/5
These are the track notes and details about cycling the Oodnadatta Track in July 2015, from Leigh Creek to Alice Springs, that I took while cycling it. This is not a complete guide. For a guide, check out GJ Coop Cycle Trails Australia website. Infinite and great scenery all the way You can also find more details in this forum post where I give some advice to an aspiring outback-cyclist. For the Oodnadatta Track you will find here my GPX file with useful waypoints from 2015 (things may have changed since, so be cautious) Typical corrugation on the track. Usually there’s a narrow strip (...)

Explore a salt lake — at Lake Hart

  • Bushwalk
  • Return — 2 km
  • 30 minutes
  • Easy
  • 5/5
Most people just drive the Stuart Hwy without event looking out the window or leaving their air conditioned car. They don’t see the strange and colorful landscapes around them, they just try to get to the next town as fast as they can. How can anyone do that when the journey is so amazing? Yes the landscape can be monotonous and sometimes even boring, but the size of it makes it exceptional. And you can’t argue against a few stops along the way just to wander around and get a glimpse of the remote places you are getting through. Ouvrir la carte en grand And one of those stops is the (...)

Hidden Gorge — Mt Remarkable NP

  • Bushwalk
  • Loop — 17 km
  • 5 hours
  • Medium
  • 5/5
Access By car : park your vehicle on the day area of Mambray Creek Campground 32 50 19 S,138 2 28 E, in Mount Remarkable National Park. The access is from Highway 1 between Port Augusta and Port Pirie. Fee : $10 a day per vehicle or $18 per vehicle to camp at Mambray Creek (solar hot showers). Caution: from 2014 you have to book in advance on the South Australian national parks website. Free for pedestrians and cyclists. Itinerary Leave Mambray Creek Campground and follow the Mambray Creek Track. The good news is that most of the time this part has good shade, so it won’t be too hot. (...)