Compare sleeping bags

Updated on 19 février 2019

Here is a database of existing sleeping bags that we compiled.

We hope it will be useful to you to help you choose the right sleeping bag for your next adventures.

If you want to help us, you can download the spreadsheet below, add a sleeping bag and send it back to us.





Brand Model name Type Fill type Link Reviews Price Weight Length Shoulder width Foot width Compression dimensions Compression volume Down weight Down % Fill power T(comfort) T(limit) EN13537 Warm index Theoretical T(comfort) Theoretical T(limit)
AegismaxA800Sleeping bagDownReviews170 €1256 g190 cm80 cm30x209 l800 g95%800 in³-8 °C-12 °C608 kg.in³-11 °C-20 °C
AegismaxA1000Sleeping bagDownReviews205 €1456 g190 cm80 cm34x2011 l1000 g95%800 in³-15 °C-18 °C760 kg.in³-17 °C-27 °C
AegismaxA1300Sleeping bagDownReviews280 €1756 g190 cm80 cm36x2315 l1300 g95%800 in³-15 °C-28 °C988 kg.in³-27 °C-39 °C
AegismaxA1500Sleeping bagDownReviews210 €1956 g190 cm80 cm38x2316 l1500 g95%800 in³-30 °C-35 °C1140 kg.in³-33 °C-46 °C
AegismaxG700Sleeping bagDownReviews135 €992 g176 cm78 cm24x186 l700 g95%800 in³-7 °C-10 °C532 kg.in³-8 °C-16 °C
AegismaxG1000Sleeping bagDownReviews175 €1292 g176 cm78 cm27x2210 l1000 g95%800 in³-15 °C-18 °C760 kg.in³-17 °C-27 °C
AegismaxG1300Sleeping bagDownReviews200 €1592 g176 cm78 cm34x2213 l1300 g95%800 in³-20 °C-26 °C988 kg.in³-27 °C-39 °C
Arklight DesignWalden 400 QuantumTop bagDownReviews285 €660 g180 cm85 cm58 cm27x165 l400 g96%880 in³-5 °C-8 °C339 kg.in³0 °C-7 °C
Black IceG1000Sleeping bagDown155 €1330 g195 cm42x2216 l1000 g90%700 in³0 °C-10 °C630 kg.in³-12 °C-21 °C
Black IceG1300Sleeping bagDown185 €1640 g195 cm44x2522 l1300 g90%700 in³-13 °C-20 °C819 kg.in³-20 °C-30 °C
CumulusAlaska 900Sleeping bagDown285 €1370 g190 cm85 cm59 cm32x2111 l900 g90%700 in³-10 °C-18 °C567 kg.in³-9 °C-18 °C
CumulusAlaska 1100Sleeping bagDown319 €1720 g190 cm85 cm59 cm40x2114 l1100 g90%700 in³-15 °C-25 °C693 kg.in³-15 °C-24 °C
CumulusAlaska 1300Sleeping bagDown349 €1950 g190 cm85 cm59 cm40x2317 l1300 g90%700 in³-19 °C-30 °C819 kg.in³-20 °C-30 °C
CumulusComforter L500BlanketDown245 €750 g195 cm140 cm26x187 l500 g96%850 in³0 °C-6 °C408 kg.in³-3 °C-10 °C
CumulusComforter M400BlanketDown209 €610 g180 cm120 cm25x176 l400 g96%850 in³0 °C-6 °C326 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
CumulusComforter XL700BlanketDown359 €1075 g195 cm210 cm29x198 l700 g96%850 in³0 °Cn/a571 kg.in³-9 °C-18 °C
CumulusExcuistic 1000Sleeping bagDown485 €1550 g192 cm87 cm60 cm40x2114 l1000 g96%850 in³-16 °C-26 °C816 kg.in³-20 °C-30 °C
CumulusExcuistic 1200Sleeping bagDown535 €1770 g192 cm87 cm60 cm40x2317 l1200 g96%850 in³-21 °C-32 °C979 kg.in³-26 °C-38 °C
CumulusExcuistic 1400Sleeping bagDown585 €1990 g192 cm87 cm60 cm46x2421 l1400 g96%850 in³-25 °C-37 °C1142 kg.in³-33 °C-46 °C
CumulusMysterious Traveller 700Sleeping bagDown249 €1100 g190 cm80 cm55 cm29x198 l700 g90%700 in³-5 °C-12 °C441 kg.in³-4 °C-12 °C
CumulusPanyam 450Sleeping bagDownReviews275 €810 g190 cm80 cm55 cm26x187 l450 g96%850 in³0 °C-6 °C367 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
CumulusPanyam 600Sleeping bagDownReviews319 €970 g190 cm80 cm55 cm29x198 l600 g96%850 in³-6 °C-13 °C490 kg.in³-6 °C-14 °C
CumulusQuilt 450QuiltDownReviews239 €585 g177 cm77 cm51 cm25x176 l450 g96%850 in³-1 °C-7 °C367 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
CumulusTeneqa 700Sleeping bagDown334 €1170 g190 cm85 cm59 cm33x2010 l700 g96%850 in³-9 °C-17 °C571 kg.in³-9 °C-18 °C
CumulusTeneqa 850Sleeping bagDown379 €1330 g190 cm85 cm59 cm32x2111 l850 g96%850 in³-14 °C-22 °C694 kg.in³-15 °C-24 °C
CumulusX-Lite 400Sleeping bagDown375 €575 g185 cm77 cm51 cm23x154 l400 g96%850 in³-1 °C-7 °C326 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
ExpedLite 700 MSleeping bagDown360 €1170 g180 cm79 cm53 cm34x2213 l620 g90%800 in³-3 °C-10 °Cyes446 kg.in³-4 °C-12 °C
ExpedUltralite 700 LSleeping bagDown450 €1030 g195 cm73 cm50 cm33x2213 l700 g90%800 in³0 °C-10 °Cyes504 kg.in³-7 °C-15 °C
FerrinoFerrino 510 WTS Sleeping bagDownReviews400 €1100 g215 cm80 cm34x189 l610 g95%800 in³464 kg.in³-5 °C-13 °C
FreeTimeMicropak 1400DSleeping bagDown230 €1500 g210 cm78 cm50 cm40x2113 l750 g90%600 in³0 °C-8 °C405 kg.in³-3 °C-10 °C
Lestra SportFjord 700Sleeping bagDown529 €1400 g185 cm23x207 l700 g90%700 in³-1 °C-7 °Cyes441 kg.in³-4 °C-12 °C
Lestra SportMeije 600Sleeping bagDown199 €1000 g185 cm24x208 l600 g90%650 in³-1 °C-9 °Cyes351 kg.in³0 °C-7 °C
Lestra SportMeije 800Sleeping bagDown235 €1200 g185 cm34x2213 l800 g90%650 in³-7 °C-14 °Cyes468 kg.in³-5 °C-13 °C
Lestra SportMeije 1000Sleeping bagDown399 €1400 g185 cm36x2416 l1000 g90%650 in³-10 °C-19 °Cyes585 kg.in³-10 °C-19 °C
Lestra SportPiz BuinSleeping bagDown549 €1750 g185 cm80 cm50 cm31x2515 l1000 g90%700 in³-4 °C-11 °Cyes630 kg.in³-12 °C-21 °C
Lestra SportYukon Arctic UltraSleeping bagDown999 €2350 gn/a32x2516 l1500 g95%750 in³-18 °C-28 °Cyes1069 kg.in³-30 °C-43 °C
MacpacEpic 600Sleeping bagDown800 NZD
480 €
1140 g200 cm80 cmn/an/a600 g90%800 in³-4 °C-10 °C432 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
MacpacEpic 800Sleeping bagDown900 NZD
540 €
1430 g220 cm85 cmn/an/a800 g90%800 in³-7 °C-14 °C576 kg.in³-10 °C-18 °C
MacpacEpic 1000Sleeping bagDown1 000 NZD
600 €
1720 g220 cm85 cmn/an/a1000 g90%800 in³-11 °C-19 °C720 kg.in³-16 °C-25 °C
MacpacLatitude 500Sleeping bagDown600 NZD
360 €
1100 g219 cm78 cmn/an/a500 g90%500 in³0 °C-6 °C225 kg.in³5 °C-1 °C
MacpacLatitude 700Sleeping bagDown750 NZD
450 €
1450 g219 cm78 cmn/an/a700 g90%500 in³-4 °C-10 °C315 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
MammutSphere UL 3 SeasonSleeping bagDown490 €750 g180 cm76 cm49 cm22x196 l450 g95%850 in³-1 °C-7 °Cyes363 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
MammutSphere UL Winter Sleeping bagDown530 €1050 g180 cm76 cm49 cm23x207 l680 g95%850 in³-5 °C-11 °Cyes549 kg.in³-9 °C-17 °C
McKinleyKodiak 13Sleeping bagDown200 €1400 g195 cm43x2014 l800 g90%700 in³-6 °C-13 °Cyes504 kg.in³-7 °C-15 °C
McKinleyKodiak 700Sleeping bagDown200 €1400 g195 cm80 cm38x2012 l800 g90%600 in³-4 °C-10 °Cyes432 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
McKinleyQuantum 10Sleeping bagSynthetic150 €1470 g190 cm80 cm-6 °C-10 °Cyes
Millet7 SummitsSleeping bagDown499 €1380 gn/an/a9 l800 g90%700 in³-4 °C-10 °C504 kg.in³-7 °C-15 °C
MilletAlpineSleeping bagDown269 €1240 gn/an/a7 l600 g90%700 in³0 °C-6 °C378 kg.in³-2 °C-9 °C
MilletWorld RoofSleeping bagDown549 €1565 gn/an/a11 l1000 g90%700 in³-8 °C-16 °C630 kg.in³-12 °C-21 °C
Mountain EquipmentHelium 600Sleeping bagDownReviews299 €1055 g185 cm76 cm50 cm30x199 l600 g90%725 in³-1 °C-7 °Cyes392 kg.in³-2 °C-9 °C
Mountain EquipmentTitan 550Sleeping bagDown229 €1305 g185 cm30x188 l550 g85%675 in³0 °C-7 °Cyes316 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
Mountain EquipmentXERO 550Sleeping bagDown359 €1095 g185 cm30x199 l550 g93%850 in³-1 °C-8 °Cyes435 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
Mountain HardwareHyperlamina Flame 20 LSleeping bagSyntheticReviews260 €1325 g198 cm84 cm52 cm38x1810 l905 g0 °C-6 °Cyes0 kg.in³14 °C10 °C
NatureHikeDK1000LSleeping bagDown175 €1530 g205 cm80 cm50 cm43x2216 l1000 g90%600 in³-7 °C-14 °C540 kg.in³-8 °C-17 °C
NatureHikeP Cotton (P300) MSleeping bagSynthetic105 €1150 g200 cm75 cm55 cm37x189 l-5 °C0 °C
North FaceBlue KazooSleeping bagDown300 €1159 g198 cm43x2318 l610 g90%650 in³-2 °C-9 °Cyes357 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
PHDMinim 400Sleeping bagDown329 €670 g184 cm28x176 l400 g85%800 in³-5 °Cn/a272 kg.in³3 °C-3 °C
QuechuaForclaz -5° LightSleeping bagSynthetic100 €2000 g170 cm41x2622 l-5 °C-10 °Cyes
QuechuaForclaz 0° Light (S0)Sleeping bagSynthetic70 €1400 g170 cm35x2213 l0 °C-5 °Cyes
QuechuaForclaz 0° Ultralight 2015 LSleeping bagDownReviews130 €1200 g220 cm79 cm27x176 l560 g85%660 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes314 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
QuechuaForclaz 0° Ultralight 2015 MSleeping bagDownReviews130 €1100 g210 cm72 cm23x175 l490 g85%660 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes275 kg.in³3 °C-4 °C
QuechuaForclaz 0° Ultralight 2015 XLSleeping bagDownReviews130 €1300 g235 cm85 cm31x177 l640 g85%660 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes359 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
QuechuaS0 Ultralight Down 2012Sleeping bagDownReviews160 €900 g170 cm75 cm23x175 l495 g90%660 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes294 kg.in³2 °C-5 °C
QuechuaTrek 900 0° Down 2018 LSleeping bagDownReviews150 €985 g185 cm34x178 l500 g85%800 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes340 kg.in³0 °C-7 °C
QuechuaTrek 900 0° Down 2018 MSleeping bagDownReviews150 €900 g170 cm34x167 l440 g85%800 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes299 kg.in³2 °C-5 °C
QuechuaTrek 900 0° Down 2018 XLSleeping bagDownReviews150 €1060 g200 cm34x189 l560 g85%800 in³0 °C-5 °Cyes381 kg.in³-2 °C-9 °C
RABInfinity 500Sleeping bagDownReviews459 €875 g195 cm39x2215 l500 g100%850 in³-2 °C-9 °Cyes425 kg.in³-3 °C-11 °C
RobensCaucasus 600Sleeping bagDown205 €1120 g195 cm80 cm50 cm39x1911 l600 g90%600 in³-2 °C-8 °C324 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
RobensCaucasus 900Sleeping bagDown275 €1470 g195 cm80 cm50 cm45x2319 l900 g90%600 in³-5 °C-11 °C486 kg.in³-6 °C-14 °C
Robert'sUltralight 500Sleeping bagDown285 €810 g175 cm78 cm52 cmn/a6 l507 g90%750 in³-4 °C-11 °C342 kg.in³0 °C-7 °C
Sea To SummitTraverse XT1Sleeping bagDownReviews379 €1070 g185 cmn/a4 l400 g95%850 in³-1 °C-7 °C323 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
Sea To SummitTraverse XT2Sleeping bagDownReviews419 €1210 g185 cmn/a4 l540 g95%850 in³-5 °C-11 °C436 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
Sea To SummitTrek TK2Sleeping bagDownReviews269 €1020 g185 cmn/a4 l500 g85%650 in³-1 °C-8 °C276 kg.in³3 °C-4 °C
SimondAlpinism -5 DownSleeping bagDown180 €1300 g185 cm40x2013 l660 g80%540 in³-1 °C-7 °Cyes285 kg.in³2 °C-4 °C
SimondAlpinism -10 DownSleeping bagDown250 €1600 g185 cm44x2115 l850 g90%650 in³-6 °C-13 °Cyes497 kg.in³-6 °C-14 °C
SimondAlpinism -20 DownSleeping bagDown399 €2100 g185 cm40x3028 l1300 g90%660 in³-12 °C-20 °Cyes772 kg.in³-18 °C-28 °C
SimondMakalu 1 Down L (2016)Sleeping bagDownLink150 €1280 g210 cm82 cm23 cm35x2517 l660 g85%560 in³-4 °C-11 °Cyes314 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
SimondMakalu 1 Down XL (2016)Sleeping bagDownLink170 €1470 g220 cm82 cm23 cm35x2517 l750 g85%560 in³-4 °C-11 °Cyes357 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
SimondMakalu 1 Light L (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink160 €1160 g210 cm80 cm20 cm32x2111 l560 g90%800 in³-5 °C-11 °Cyes403 kg.in³-3 °C-10 °C
SimondMakalu 1 Light M (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink150 €1070 g200 cm78 cm20 cm31x2010 l505 g90%800 in³-5 °C-11 °Cyes364 kg.in³-1 °C-8 °C
SimondMakalu 1 Light XL (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink170 €1260 g222 cm82 cm23 cm33x2111 l789 g90%800 in³-5 °C-11 °Cyes568 kg.in³-9 °C-18 °C
SimondMakalu II Down L (2016)Sleeping bagDownLink200 €1490 g210 cm82 cm23 cm38x2113 l850 g85%560 in³-8 °C-15 °Cyes405 kg.in³-3 °C-10 °C
SimondMakalu II Down XL (2016)Sleeping bagDownLink220 €1700 g220 cm82 cm23 cm40x2317 l950 g85%560 in³-8 °C-15 °Cyes452 kg.in³-5 °C-12 °C
SimondMakalu III Down L (2016)Sleeping bagDownLink250 €1985 g210 cm82 cm23 cm43x2725 l1300 g85%560 in³-13 °C-21 °Cyes619 kg.in³-11 °C-20 °C
SimondMakalu III Light L (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink250 €1775 g210 cm80 cm20 cm44x2827 l1100 g90%800 in³-12 °C-19 °Cyes792 kg.in³-19 °C-29 °C
SimondMakalu II Light L (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink160 €1400 g210 cm80 cm20 cm27x1710 l869 g90%800 in³-9 °C-16 °Cyes626 kg.in³-12 °C-21 °C
SimondMakalu II Light XL (2018)Sleeping bagDownLink170 €1600 g222 cm82 cm23 cm31x1712 l750 g90%800 in³-9 °C-16 °Cyes540 kg.in³-8 °C-17 °C
Sir JosephKoteka 500Sleeping bagDownReviews349 €850 g190 cm85 cm33 cm36x189 l500 g95%800 in³-2 °C-7 °Cyes380 kg.in³-2 °C-9 °C
ThermarestAdara (Women)Sleeping bagDown390 €1090 g168 cm41x2013 l590 g90%750 in³-6 °C-12 °Cyes398 kg.in³-2 °C-10 °C
ThermarestAntaresSleeping bagDown379 €878 g183 cm31x188 l405 g90%750 in³-2 °C-8 °Cyes273 kg.in³3 °C-4 °C
ThermarestHyperion 20 (Regular)Sleeping bagDown363 €580 g183 cm72 cm54 cm20x154 l360 gn/a900 in³0 °C-6 °Cyes
ThermarestMira (Women)Sleeping bagDown290 €820 g168 cm31x188 l380 g90%750 in³-3 °C-9 °Cyes257 kg.in³4 °C-3 °C
Triple ZéroAnsabère 400Sleeping bagDown311 €750 g180 cm20x206 l400 g90%800 in³288 kg.in³2 °C-4 °C
Triple ZéroAnsabère 600Sleeping bagDownReviews363 €950 g180 cm20x206 l600 g90%800 in³432 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
ValandréBloody MarySleeping bagDownReviews419 €1175 g185 cmn/a7 l620 g95%800 in³0 °C-6 °Cyes471 kg.in³-5 °C-13 °C
ValandréFrejaSleeping bagDown549 €1544 g185 cmn/a11 l954 g95%800 in³-9 °C-16 °Cyes725 kg.in³-16 °C-26 °C
ValandréLa FayetteSleeping bagDownReviews394 €1024 g185 cmn/a6 l564 g95%800 in³-2 °C-8 °Cyes429 kg.in³-4 °C-11 °C
ValandréOdinSleeping bagDown664 €1836 g185 cmn/a14 l1198 g95%800 in³-12 °C-20 °Cyes910 kg.in³-24 °C-35 °C
ValandréShocking BlueSleeping bagDown509 €1380 g185 cmn/a10 l785 g95%800 in³-5 °C-12 °Cyes597 kg.in³-11 °C-19 °C
ValandréSwing 900Sleeping bagDown322 €1377 g185 cmn/a12 l900 g90%650 in³-1 °C-7 °Cyes527 kg.in³-8 °C-16 °C
ValandréThorSleeping bagDown699 €2144 g185 cmn/a16 l1424 g95%800 in³-15 °C-23 °Cyes1082 kg.in³-31 °C-43 °C
WarmthBoulder 450Sleeping bagDownReviews219 €850 g210 cm36x169 l450 g90%700 in³-2 °Cn/a284 kg.in³2 °C-4 °C
WarmthGT II 500Sleeping bagDownReviews249 €1080 g195 cm86 cm60 cm36x178 l500 g90%700 in³-3 °C-10 °C315 kg.in³1 °C-6 °C
WarmthGT II 600Sleeping bagDownReviews257 €1025 g195 cm86 cm60 cm30x2110 l600 g90%700 in³-5 °C-13 °C378 kg.in³-2 °C-9 °C
WarmthGT II 750Sleeping bagDownReviews289 €1185 g195 cm86 cm60 cm36x2315 l750 g90%700 in³-9 °C-18 °C473 kg.in³-5 °C-13 °C
Wingace1000Sleeping bagDown85 €1600 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a1000 g95%700 in³0 °C-10 °C665 kg.in³-13 °C-23 °C
Wingace1200Sleeping bagDown95 €1800 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a1200 g95%700 in³-5 °C-15 °C798 kg.in³-19 °C-29 °C
Wingace1500Sleeping bagDown105 €2100 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a1500 g95%700 in³-10 °C-20 °C998 kg.in³-27 °C-39 °C
Wingace2500Sleeping bagDown175 €3100 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a2500 g95%700 in³-20 °C-30 °C1663 kg.in³-55 °C-72 °C
Wingace3000Sleeping bagDown210 €3600 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a3000 g95%700 in³-25 °C-35 °C1995 kg.in³-68 °C-88 °C
Wingace3500Sleeping bagDown240 €4100 g175 cm78 cm48 cmn/an/a3500 g95%700 in³-30 °C-40 °C2328 kg.in³-82 °C-104 °C
ZpacksSolo 20 DegreesSleeping bagDown340 €473 g175 cm71 cm37 cmn/an/a312 g90%900 in³-7°n/a253 kg.in³4 °C-2 °C